13 Surprising Things To Do To Feel Less Stressed After Work

No matter how stressful work can be, it’s easy to unwind after a tough day at the office with these simple, happy-boosting tips. Remembering to prioritize yourself and give your body and mind some love is so important for wellbeing and health long-term.

  • Sometimes, a funny, mindless, or an all-time favorite movie is just what we need.
  • We recommend crafting a playlist of your favorite music so it’s readily available for your commute or whenever you need a little pump-up session.
  • One of the best stress relievers hands down is getting some exercise.
  • Whatever works for you, make it a habit and keep doing it.
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Luckily, at Sijo, we have super comfy loungewear to help you transition into the most relaxing part of your day. Not quite ready to go to bed, or working irregular hours? Curl up in your favorite Sijo sheets and bedding for the ultimate, luxurious nap experience. It’s not a secret that exercising regularly will improve your health. When you come home from work, try slipping on your workout clothes and hitting the pavement. According to science, running keeps your brain young, fights off anxiety, and boosts your mood. If you aren’t a runner like me, taking a brisk walk will do the job just fine .

Create a post-work ritual

You get home frazzled and irritated, not able to focus on what’s really important; your life outside of work. You might even enjoy hearing about the crazy thing that happened to them or recount a funny story from the past. But if it’s still too close to home, let them know you’ve had a bad day and need a distraction.

  • According to research, indulging our creativity not only bolsters our mental health, but our physical health, too.
  • That means your relaxation has to take place after work and on the weekends.
  • And one great way to do this is to learn to live in the present moment.
  • If your mind is on a merry-go-round of work-related thoughts, you’ve clicked on the right blog post.

These types of tools “help sore and tightened muscles relax by increasing circulation and providing a soothing effect,” says Medlock. Do it yourself, or take turns with a partner at home for an extra boost of oxytocin, the intimacy hormone. Go to the Gym — Exercising is one of the most well-documented stress relievers there is, mostly because it provides a steady release of those happiness-boosting endorphins we all crave. Any physical activity, whether it be jogging, doing yoga, or lifting weights, will help smash your stress fast. Watch Something Funny — Hopefully, your Netflix queue is stocked with comedies and stand-up specials!

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There’s a reason why yoga instructors emphasize breathing exercise. Deep breaths promote relaxation and help reduce tension and stress. If you have a dog or a cat, and you are working at home, hug them! Take your dog for a walk or give how to destress after work the cat a scratch behind the ears. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “Specifically, pets and therapy animals can helpalleviate stress,anxiety,depression and feelings ofloneliness and social isolation.

  • If you have culinary skills, take out your apron when you get home and cook your favorite meal.
  • Grab the book you want to read now, an old favorite perhaps, and find a comfy, quiet place to lounge for a bit and indulge.
  • Using these tips, or any combination of them, can help you compartmentalize a stressful day from the rest of your life.
  • The reason most people find it challenging to ever enter a state of relaxation is that they bring work home with them.
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Listen to Music — We’re all tempted to get off work and immediately turn on a thought-provoking podcast or the news, but do your best to resist! Instead, play your favorite record or playlist from start to finish to try to get your mind off serious topics. If you have free time, consider making a de-stress playlist that contains an array of songs that help you sink into a state of relaxation. Drink water or herbal tea instead of caffeinated drinks. Instead of reaching for sugary processed foods when you’re stressed, try balancing foods like blueberries, almonds, and seaweed.

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Decluttering your desk might take some time, especially if it’s highly disorganized, but it’s worth it. No matter how stressful work can be, and the many challenging tasks it might come with, try to take a couple of hours in the day for relaxation and distraction. Psychological stress, especially the one that comes from job stress, affects us in our daily lives, and our overall health by causing physical ailments.

how to destress after work

In addition to short-term effects, being exposed to nature at work contributes positively to your well-being and lowers the likelihood of burnout. Exposure to daylight and having a window view or indoor greenery at the workplace have been shown to have a positive impact on your sleep quality, perceived stress, and overall health. Interestingly, indirect exposure to nature can also have benefits for recovery. In a nutshell, getting some nature into your workplace makes you more happy and energized at work. If you’re feeling stressed, stuck, or frustrated, consider taking a break from work and working your body instead.

Watch comedies or funny videos

If you can’t find a friend, or even co-worker once exiting the office, simply hug yourself. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. Take a Hot Bath https://ecosoberhouse.com/ —A hot bath is the quintessential stress-buster, used for millennia to help heal just about every ailment. Take bath-time up a few notches with a luxurious bath bomb and a self-care playlist that gets you blissed out. Are you the type of person who wakes up and checks email on your phone before heading to the office to stare at a screen all day?

However, extreme levels of stress can reduce productivity and affect the performance of employees. As long as the place is quiet and you can have at least 30 minutes to decompress and relax. If you can’t find a place in your home head to your closest favorite relaxing place. Having some peace and quiet alone time can de-stress you very quickly. Nele Dael is a senior behavior scientist studying emotion, personality, and social skills in organizational contexts. She is leading research projects at IMD Lausanne with E4S partners on workplace well-being, focusing on stress and recovery. Nele is particularly tuned into new technologies for the benefit of research and application in human interaction.

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