How To Become A DevOps Engineer? DevOps Engineer Road Map

You need to know coding to develop custom requirements in infrastructure automation and CI/CD. Also, for most DevOps interviews, you need to clear a coding/scripting round. DevOps job how to become a devops engineer seekers, it is better to understand the devops engineer roles and responsibilities before you join an organization. This team is responsible for provisioning infrastructure on demand.

DevOps teams can deliver the applications frequently with ease and confidence. In DevOps, there are frequent changes made to any software system which automatically entail testing and deployment. As such, DevOps engineers are expected to have a thorough understanding of various concepts such as version control, serverless computing, integration, testing, and deployment. There are various other ways in which your growth as a DevOps Engineer can be stifled with the absence of Linux knowledge. The Agile development model was developed from traditional models. From the Agile model, an innovative and improvised software development strategy was evolved, which is DevOps.

DevOps Engineer Job Description

That way, building services and replacing services becomes simpler than updating everything in one go (which is very non-DevOps). In the banking industry for example, the Google AI/ML tools are creating new ways of doing business, plus adding fraud detection and usage-pattern tracking.

  • Many traditional system administrators have experience writing shell scripts to automate repetitive tasks.
  • You should become a cloud engineer or architect if you’re interested in cloud computing and DevOps.
  • The Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator test validates your core Linux administration skills.
  • A DevOps engineer should be proficient in setting up web servers like Tomcat, IIS and Apache.
  • You can build this under a cultural model that emphasizes values such as accountability and ownership.

At DevOps Days, Debois presented DevOps as an alternative approach that helped developer’s deliver projects faster through careful management and continuous delivery. DevOpsis a collection of practices, tools, and approaches to managing software development and IT projects.

What are some common DevOps tools?

The three most common languages used with the DevOps tools are Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. It’s advisable to learn at least one of these programming languages to work with the DevOps tools.

Roadmap to becoming a DevOps Engineer with Resources by Karthik Bhandary – DataDrivenInvestor

Roadmap to becoming a DevOps Engineer with Resources by Karthik Bhandary.

Posted: Tue, 05 Apr 2022 13:30:36 GMT [source]

So, it comes as a no brainer that a DevOps aspirant must be conversant with automation platforms handling each task. As a result, you’ll have to be comfortable with text manipulation, bash scripting, process monitoring, system performance, networking, compiling apps from source, Vim/Nano/Emacs, and Powershell.


You must understand how you can replicate the Dev environment in your testing servers. For this, you should understand how tools like Puppet, Chef etc. work, you can also use Docker containers for this purpose, so I would say learning Docker is a must.

The same people would argue that creating an additional silo defeats the purpose of overlapping responsibilities and having different teams working together. Any web-based application will use protocols to transfer and receive information from the user. This means it is necessary to understand how protocols support different request types. This article is absolutely fantastic and pretty comprehensive, after reading this article I couldn’t stop myself sharing with LinkedIn community. Sharing and caring fellow engineers around the world makes me happy every day.

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