Solution Architect: Role and Responsibilities

They create the CI/CD pipeline not only for the software to be deployed but also for supplying infrastructures . For example, a travel provider like wants to create an app to let customers book flights, hotels, and cabs from mobile devices. Communicate and consult with clients and internal stakeholders to develop appropriate solutions. Work with business units to develop IT strategies and to improve current IT implementations. There are a lot of IT architect certifications available, with most of them being vendor-specific, i.e., focused on mastering a specific technology. Since The Open Group does not recognize a unique Solution Architect role a relevant link for these mentioned artifacts can be to the Business and Systems Analyst roles.

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This role becomes relevant for organizations that maintain complex hardware infrastructure in-house to support operations. As the answer to what is the role of a solution architect, these individuals wear many hats. Typically, an Enterprise Architect supervises and delegates tasks to specialists. Their main involvement is in ensuring that the company has a streamlined application lifecycle and is using the best technology set for every use case.

They also must have good communication skills as they work with the organization’s leadership and IT professionals throughout a project. There’s no universal tool set, but there is modeling software for solution architects like ABACUS. The ITIL Expert certificate is a prerequisite for gaining this credential. The candidate is also required to have over 5 years of experience in leadership, managerial, or high-level advisory roles.

What is a Solution Architect?

On the other hand, starting level solutions architects earn $37.73 per hour and $78,484 per year. To compare, enterprise architects make an average of $144,827 per year in the United States. The top 20 percent computer network architects make over $160,000, and the lower 10 percent makes $60,310 annually.

solution architecture responsibilities

All software projects have to meet a number of non-functional requirements that describe the characteristics of the system. The solution architect’s role is to analyze all non-functional requirements and ensure that further product engineering will meet them. Enterprise architecture, which we covered in a dedicated article, focuses on building complex enterprise ecosystems and solves high-level strategic issues. Enterprise architecture defines the strategic directions of the business architecture, which then leads to an understanding of what technology facilities are needed to support that architecture. So, in other words, the enterprise architect defines what has to be done, while the solution architect then decides how to do it. This digital transformation demands specific expertise and a set of practices to align business focus with technology solutions.

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Aligning IT strategy with business goals has become paramount, and a solutions architect can help determine, develop, and improve technical solutions in support of business goals. Solution architecture is the underpinning for any IT project, regardless of whether you actually adopt this practice or not. By deliberately introducing solution architecture, you build the framework that aligns technology, resources, and skills with defined business goals.

Make sure to use appropriate paragraph breaks and bullet points so it’s easy on the eyes. Now, let’s learn more about these roles and how they differ from one another. Deep analytical skills and the ability to see the connections between layers of business operations.

Solution architect role description and responsibilities

In our rapidly evolving world driven by new realms, organizations feel the need to change their operating methods and techniques to face the emerging business challenges and fluctuating customer demand. Solution architecture is one of the foundational elements of any project or organization. If you craft landing pages, make minor changes, integrate small modules, the chances are less you would need a solution architect.

solution architecture responsibilities

As they are also in charge of ensuring the technical integrity of each solution, they are required to have a good understanding of technical specifics. Enterprise architects need to have a variety of skills in order to become effective IT strategists. Next to having good knowledge of all enterprise software and technological trends, they also have to be skilled business managers. An agile framework to implement TOGAF with LeanIX’ enterprise architecture.. Among all IT architects, enterprise architects have the most overarching view of the organization and knowledge of its capabilities and potentials.

Keep your client/stakeholder engaged in the process with periodic meetings. There is no business like a restaurant business; it’s also one of the most high-risk industries on the planet. BrandbookEstablish the voice and personality of your company though a strong, consistent brand identity. Product discoveryDefine the functionality of your future product and get a visual prototype to solicit market feedback.

In addition to this, they must maintain a long-term view of the software in terms of scalability and change management. We outline low-budget innovative strategies, identify channels for rapid customer acquisition and scale businesses to new heights. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you.

How Our Solution Architects Can Help You

After that, the experts must pass through recertification to confirm their continued expertise and knowledge of the modern AWS technologies and innovative practices. Both functional and non-functional requirements are written down in a project specification. Solution Architects typically work with a team of IT Technicians to develop software and hardware solutions for problems within an organization.

solution architecture responsibilities

Business Capabilities Read everything about business capabilities and business capability modeling. Learn now how to create your own Business Capability Model in 4 steps! Integration Architecture Get to know everything about what is Integration Architecture, what the key advantages are and how to visualize it in the best possible way. Solution Architects are most similar to project managers, ensuring that all parties, including stakeholders, are on the same page and moving in the right direction at all stages.

Solution Architect

Solution architects design or modify systems architecture to meet certain business needs. They test, integrate, and program software systems to ensure that specific business issues are solved. The Enterprise Solution Architect is the individual that oversees an entire enterprise in terms of business entities, properties, external ecosystems, relationships, and more. Enterprise Architects focus on building robust solutions that solve a critical strategic issues. Usually, Enterprise Architects supervise and take a back seat role by delegating specific tasks to specialists in particular areas. The principal involvement of Enterprise Architects is ensuring the company, as an entity, has streamlined application lifecycles and uses the technologies best suited for each application.

A detailed diagram will always help you to visualize the complex decision points, how separate sections of the process, link to other sections, and to identify individual components of the process. It’s always recommended to draw it in a way where each component in the diagram represents an individual workflow. Now, let’s put it into a diagram to see how the as-is process looks at a very high level.

Technical Architects play a technical leadership role to define standards and practices that should be followed throughout a solution project. Technical Architects work closely with technical development teams and executives to communicate information technology strategies, design overviews, applications, and more. The solution architect is equipped with a deep technical knowledge in a specific CRM capability area, while maintaining a broader understanding of the full CRM technology stack. They lead the domain architects by maintaining a detailed understanding of the current -and future- state architecture.

  • The solutions architects should take a look at the entire business picture to gauge how the different processes are working in sync.
  • Part of the work that an RPA solution architect does is to design an end-to-end RPA solution for different client queries.
  • Solution Architects are often considered consultants who examine a system’s architecture, as well as business and technical aspects to suggest a solution.
  • In this case, pushing the automation script to live is easy, but now its execution becomes dependent on the client using it.
  • In the last step, technical architects translate the solution into an integrated system.

Use our talent pool to fill the expertise gap in your software development. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or relevant experience, depending on the company. Some entry-level positions may allow for an equivalent work experience instead of a bachelor’s degree, but they are not very common. Work closely with project management teams to successfully monitor the progress of initiatives.

Qualifications for Solution Architect

You make a good point that to find a solution architecture function to see what’s best for the building you’ll need technology assessment and comparison. This is why it’s good to hire an architect since they can either do that before constriction or even check a building before adding on to it. If a company is not sure whether solution architecture responsibilities their building is structurally sound, it would be good to hire a property condition assessment service as well to see what they need to work on. For many developers perhaps the most sought after role is the role of the Solution Architect. The Solution Architect is the person who organizes the development effort.

Customer success storiesGet to know our approach to partnership and collaboration through our customer success stories. Team extensionAugment your in-house engineering team with the best talent, hand-picked just for you. The average annual income of a specialized Java architect is indicated as $79,000. On the lower end, the starting salary for all three types hovers around $82,000 a year. Everything you need for quick time-to-value and long-term success through EA. Uncover the value of a successful EA practice, and how that translates to your organization.

CareerExplorer, the average salary for a solutions architect in the United States is around $99,769 per year. It can be anywhere from $70,000 to $190,000, depending on experience and education. Top-level business solution architects make $94.32 per hour and $196,175 per year, and senior solutions architect earns $64.74 per hour and $134,655 per year. Work with a software development team to ensure what hardware is available for the projects, brainstorm ideas, and develop applications and software. This role requires extensive knowledge of how things work and the ability to produce concise explanations when dealing with individuals from a non-technical background. Essentially, a solutions architect has to convince everyone that the software they design is the best possible solution to a problem.

As far as technical background, Solution Architects come from a variety of fields including computer science, information technology, software engineering, and other areas related to technology. Solution architects position appeared in сompanies that create software on an industrial scale. They needed someone who could communicate with their clients while the contract is being prepared .

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